Christina Hendricks for Net-A-Porter’s the edit, photographed by Yalena Yemchuk.



What are you so afraid of!?

I’m REALLY sorry but it looks like they’re about to rap battle

ready for the fame

O Furtuna misheard lyrics. Oh my God.

There’s a dragonfly.

Didn’t get to see the eclipse from this side of the world, but the full moon was so beautiful. Plus, I borrowed my uncle’s camera and his telephoto lens that I use for this picture. Thanks to this lens, I feel so close to the moon than ever just by looking at it through the viewfinder.


Happy 24th birthday EMMA WATSON

April 13th, 2014

Graduation ceremony. I officially got a degree. The make up was ridiculous and it’s boring, lots of speech. I was just sitting there making jokes with my friends the whole time. I’m gonna miss them and somehow, I know I’m gonna miss school. But someday I’ll be back to school, maybe on different field of study.


I just snorted omg


Jamesus with Shezza